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Duff & Lawson. Mammals of the World.

Mammals of the World 071366021X
Mammals of the World: A Checklist
Duff, Andrew; Lawson, Ann
A & C Black, London
071366021X (hardcover)
Unwin, Mike (cover painting)
Table of Contents
Introduction 7
Higher classification 7
Species classification 8
English names 9
Habitat and distributional data 9
Status information 10
Software version 12
Acknowledgements 12
Systematic list
- Arrangement of Orders and Families 13
- Checklist 19
Appendix: Changes compared to Wilson & Reeder (1993)
- Extinct species not included 210
- New species 211
- Species demoted into synonymy 230
- Nomenclatural changes 232
Bibliography 234
Index of scientific names 244
Index of English names 281
Index of scientific names; Index of English names
mammals, checklist, animals, zoology, mammalogy, outdoors, nature, science, classification, systematics, nomenclature, taxonomy, species, reference, biology
English (en)
From the Dust Jacket
This is the first checklist of mammals of the world to include both English and scientific names for every species, as well as a brief summary of their distribution and habitat. A checkbox and a space to record notes are provided against each species name, so that the list can also be used for keeping a personal life list of mammals. 5066 species are named in this edition, making it easily the most up-to-date checklist of mammals of the world currently available. An appendix gives further details including literature citations for 519 species which have been described as new to science, or have been elevated from synonymy, since 1993. Comprehensive indexes to English and scientific names help the reader to find species which may appear in field guides or other works on mammals under a different name. This book will be of interest to mammalogists everywhere, but will also appeal to any well travelled naturalist or safari-goer with an interest in recording mammals.
  • A complete listing of all recognised mammal species in the world
  • Incorporates the very latesta dvances in taxonomy and includes all newly described species
  • The first world mammal checklist to exceed 5,000 species
  • English and scientific names, plus a summary of range, given for each species
  • An invaluable resource for scientists and mammal enthusiasts at all levels
From the Publisher
This book is a complete listing of all recognised mammal species in the world. The authors have trawled the literature extensively in order to include all newly described mammals, including many new bats and rodents. The result is the most up-to-date and fully researched list of the world's mammals, and the first to cover 5,027 species.
Unlike most previous books on the world's mammals, this new checklist gives English and scientific names for every species, as well as a brief summary of each species' range. This is an invaluable reference resource for the scientist, and a practical reference for mammal enthusiasts at all levels, and can be used to record sitings.
Andrew Duff and Ann Lawson are both experienced naturalists who have been studying mammals for many years.
My Summary
Anybody can go birdwatching, but if you want more of a challenge, try mammal watching. Then check off the mammals you see on your travels around the world in this book. As the authors note, this book was created pretty much as a by-product to the Mammal Data Add-onTM supplement to the popular BirdBaseTM and BirdAreaTM listing software by Santa Barbara Software Products. However, for those who would rather have a book than a computer program, here it is. Of course the book is also a must-have for any serious mammalogist as it also includes valuable front and back matter not to be found in the software.
Robbin D. Knapp © 2005
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